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As a part of the ongoing effort to educate small business owners in the value of Internet Marketing Techniques to their business, I will be presenting SEO articles here at The Software Answer. I also write for a blog here on the web called Secrets to Web Success on the subject of search engine optimization, and thought I would share those posts with you.

It’s a digital world.

In 2009, the population at large is connected via cell phone, iPod, PDA’s and personal computers. At any given moment, a digital device is close at hand to most of us. The Internet is home to more than a billion surfers daily. It has enfiltrainted our world to such an extent, that the act of looking something up has turned the name of one of the number 1 sites on the Internet, into a *verb*.

People say "I’ll just Google it ", and everyone knows what they mean. More importantly, everyone knows how to Google something. Well, okay… not your 2 year old neice or your 108 year old grandmothers, but pretty much everyone else.

We have discovered the joys of *being connected*, the bliss of reaching out and getting instant connection. And if you aren’t speaking to your market-place on the Internet , you are missing literally hundred’s of thousands of potential clients.

And this relates to SEO, how?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the science or ability to get your *link* (blog, website, articles, products, etc) in front of those that are looking for you.

When a surfer (your potential client, remember? ) types something in Google, the results that they see are called search engine result pages (SERPs). And this is where you want to be listed, right?

SEO is also a process.

You won’t be SEO optimized in the first 20 minutes of starting your SEO efforts. You won’t be completely optimized in the first 20 weeks, either. But each new thing you do to refine or *tweak* your site, brings you more visitors. Period.

These SEO articles will be focusing on exactly how to optimize your site. If you follow along, and do the steps we discuss, before you know it, that trickle of visitors will become a stream. That stream will become a brook. That brook will become a river. A river of fresh and return visitors flowing to your site, all eager to see what else you offer.

So, plan to check back often. In fact, go ahead and subscribe to the feed for this blog now, while you are thinking about it.

Don’t know what a feed is? We’ll cover that too.

Source: Secrets To Web Success
A blog dedicated to Small Business Internet Marketing and Consulting

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