One of the reasons our client say our software Rocks is due to the experience of our team. We know our business, we understand technology, and we have the skills and talents to bring them together in ways that ROCK.

Only the best make our team. We set and meet high standards. Only the best will do‚Ķfor us, for our team, for our products, and especially for you, our customer. We look for a certain type of person for our team… you know the type we mean.

Geeks that sit at their computers night after night chasing down a better way to automate repetitive tasks. Developers who download trail software and bang on it until they have mastered it and posted three suggestions in the newsgroup for the tool/language/database.

Software Engineers that have at least three "Beta-Test-Versions" of something on their computer. Geeks. That’s who we start with. Then we make sure they have exceptional oral and written communication skills, can manage their time effectively and excel in project management.

What we get are better products.

Products with intuitive designs that are easy to use, well documented and built to Rock!

Bring our experience and rock-solid products to your desktop. You can download and use them for 30-60 days without obligation. Follow one of the links below to see more information on each product we offer.


Manage your Defect and Feature tracking to improve software development cycle times by downloading BugTrac right now. To see more about BugTrac , click the link.


Use iFrame PHP redirects to mask (or cloak) your affiliate links. This free software makes it easy. Download iFrameGen right now. To see more about iFrameGen , click the link.

Password Manager

Store sensitve passwords, logins, software keys and much more with this secure manager Learn More

You can Download Password Manager right here.